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Simple and easy booking with ML Express & Logistics GmbH

Simply book your freight with ML Express & Logistics GmbH in three different ways: Online, by phone or facsimile. Just book at any time you wish - our booking service will be at your disposal all year round on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Four easy steps will take you to the desired vehicle:

ML Express & Logistics GmbH’s booking process – the easy way for special deliveries

1st step: Booking inquiry

Whether you decide to inquire by facsimile, online or by phone, please make sure to describe your request as precise as possible. You will receive an offer within 15 minutes, we will be glad to make changes, if necessary. Our professional staff will then provide a login for the online tracking system along with the order confirmation for you to easily track shipments at any time.

2nd step: Pick up

After acknowledging our offer successfully, your delivery will then be picked up efficiently. Depending on the size of the freight, the procedure can take up to 120 minutes and 60 minutes for smaller vehicles to reach the site.

3rd step: Tracking shipments

Thanks to our modern vehicle fleet equipped with state-of-the-art GPS systems, it is possible to live track your shipments at any time.

4th step: Delivery

Our driver will deliver your good safely and punctual at the location agreed on. At the same time, you will be informed on the delivery of your freight by our dispatcher.

Online Booking

I hereby consent to the collection of my personal data in accordance with the data protection declaration, viewable at I am aware which kind of my personal data is processed, for which purpose and for which duration. I agree that my personal data will not be forwarded to any third party in accordance to the data protection declaration. Only the staff of ML-Express & Logistics GmbH has access to my personal data. I am aware that I may request access to those at any time. I am further aware that I can revoke my consent to the processing of my personal data at any time. I give this declaration of consent voluntarily.
I herewith agree that ML-Express & Logistics GmbH is allowed to sent me informations and offers via Email (You may de-subscribe from newsletter at any time).

ML Express & Logistics GmbH – we focus on a standardized and transparent workflow

As soon as your customer inquiry is on hand, our professional staff will submit an individual and customized offer including an appropriate vehicle perfectly matching your order. It is our utmost goal to fulfill your special wishes following ecological and economical aspects alongside with statutory requirements and guaranteed transport safety.

The chosen vehicle does not only vary by the scale of your consignment, but also by its type. Depending on the type of delivery such as special deliveries, direct logistics or a forwarder for automotive transports to Germany and Europe, our efficient staff will advise a particular type of vehicle.

Providing that you need a larger vehicle (truck > 3.5t), it will be on site within the following 120 minutes and the consignment can be loaded, whilst smaller vehicles (up to 3.5t) will already be loaded on site after about 60 minutes. We kindly ask for your understanding that larger vehicles take more time to be Whilst working effectively and transport safety are paramount, it is understood that our vehicle fleet is equipped properly to secure your consignment according to regulations. For hazardous goods, in particular, as to us discretion is the better part of valor!