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Express & Logistics GmbH – The one to contact for modern ML Logistics

ML Express & Logistics GmbH - a summary of our business facts

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your logistics not only in Germany, but also within Europe? Then we are the ones to contact!

Since the year of 2002, our booming business group ML Express & Logistics GmbH has been the specialist for special and direct logistics alongside with express logistics, but also competently filling orders in the field of inbound and outbound logistics with routine, on-board courier services along with hazardous transports for well-known customers - especially as a freight forwarding business for the automotive industry and well known OEM.

Whilst our headquarters are in Maintal near the city of Frankfurt am Main, we also run three additional subsidiaries: One in the city of Neutraubling in Bavaria along with another one in the French city of Creutzwald located in the Lorraine region and since 2018 we have a branch in Timisoara Romania. Our efficient and competent staff will be glad to assist you at any time in any matter.

Our headquarters in Maintal is specialized on freight transports for German customers, along with customers from northern Europe such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, while clients from the east such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are served from our Neutraubling and Timisoara offices. Clients from the southwest of Europe, such as Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal are supported by our subsidiary in Creutzwald in France.

ML Express & Logistics GmbH - success has proven us right

The ML Express & Logistics GmbH is seen as an aspiring and dynamic business group, which has steadily developed since it has been founded in 2002 and ambitiously growing since. Today, the ML Express & Logistics GmbH is truly proud of its large fleet of company-owned GPRS-controlled vehicles, meeting every single expectation in modern logistics alongside with ecological and also economical aspects. Whilst our excellent vehicle fleet works together with numerous national and international logistics companies as required, we are greatly confirmed concerning quality and grading by a constantly growing customer base.

Numerous leading OEM clients trust since years in our reliable services.

Our future plans do not only include the expansion of our vehicle fleet, but also investing in temperature-controlled vehicles. The expansion of our Neutraubling office is already being planned. Furthermore, the expansion and modernization of our logistics park’s storage facilities in Maintal are in full progress.