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Environmental policy

ML Express & Logistics GmbH - eco-management by a freight forwarding business of vision

For our customers, we are dedicated to guarantee sustainable, ecological and economical transport services and to give consideration to the environment. We continuously strive to expand and improve our company’s environmental management. Alongside with this endeavor, we have also made it our strategic goal to treat our environmental resources with care naturally including the compliance of environmental regulations by our business. As a consequence, we strive to keep environmental damages made by our business as low as possible within the scope of our economic possibilities. On top of that, we continuously stimulate our staff and business partners’ environmental consciousness to be able to vouch for the strategic aims of our business’s environmental policy together.

ML Express & Logistics GmbH - Saving environmental resources together

It is understood that our entire staff is expected to implement and continuously improve the strategic aims of our business’s environmental policy. For this purpose, our website is always up-to-date and on top of that we wish to sensitize our business partners to this important topic.

Alongside with our email footer asking to only print necessary pages, we also try to keep our own volume of paper as low as possible. Furthermore, we prefer working with those businesses consisting of a vehicle fleet with low-emission vehicles with the euro 6 norm. At this point, we would like to explicitly state that our own vehicle fleet also runs with the euro 6 norm and that not one of our vehicles is older than 3 years.

ML Express & Logistics GmbH - how we create an even more effective environmental management

To act as effective as possible concerning environmental protection, it it not only necessary to be informed on state-of-the-art technology for our business, but to also integrate it into our daily practice, if possible. Truly being aware of the fact that for a single business it is impossible to make the world a better place, it is already groundbreaking to us to inspire and sensitize our customers, business partners and staff on the topic “Sustainability for the transport sector and the office“.

Firstly, this includes promoting our staff concerning environmental awareness by taking part in environmental programs. Secondly, it is understood that rules and regulations are followed strictly by our company. Along with minimizing and separating waste properly, this also includes professional and proper disposal of hazardous wastes such as batteries, oil containers and avoiding or rather reducing polluting emissions to a minimum.

Concerning the procurement of consumables and new vehicles, important factors for environmental protection and sustainability are just as popular when business decisions are made and when external services are hired. Whereas concerning the later, further serious factors for our business decisions are economic tenability and the continued satisfaction of our customers.

To keep the consumption of environmental resources as low as possible in the long term, we record and monitor our environmental data periodically. This includes the consumption of electricity and heating along with the volume of paper and toner and the fuel for our vehicle fleet. This enables us to selectively save environmental resources in our business after thoroughly analyzing environmental data results.