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Vehicle Fleet

ML Express & Logistics GmbH – your powerful forwarding and flexible logistics partner due to a powerful vehicle fleet

Great express logistics must rely on a well-equipped vehicle fleet. We are capable to provide the perfect vehicle for every order - from caddies to 40-ton vehicles. Our friendly and professional staff will gladly assist you personally to find the perfect solution for and with you - especially, urgent special or express deliveries.

A clear must for our company is to ensure safe and quick transport of your goods alongside with a well-equipped state-of-the-art and most efficient vehicle fleet. It is understood that we follow the latest standards of environmental and automotive engineering along with the latest regulations for transport safety.

Our special focus is on transport safety, which is indispensable concerning the transport of hazardous goods. For this reason, our vehicle fleet is not only equipped with the most various transport units, but on top of that also has diverse superstructural parts and loading possibilities following common safety standards of transport logistics.

We are proud of having a modern vehicle fleet equipped with a GPRS tracking system enabling to real-time track each and every consignment at any time with no trouble at all. But where is the point of having the most effective automotive engineering and not caring about environmental management? Because in the long run, economical and ecological sustainability go hand in hand! Thus, our company does not only stand for continuous efforts handling environmental resources with care and respect, but also for the most reasonable and most effective milage to maintain logistics costs as low as possible for you. Our entire vehicle fleet matches the euro 6 norm and not a single vehicle is older than 2 years.

At present, we can offer a large own fleet in every size from caddies to 40-ton vehicles. For more flexibility and responsiveness we also work with numerous europewide partners who provide sprinters, trucks, trailer trucks and trailers.

Vehicle categories, loading capacities and dimensions

VehicleDimensionMaximum loadNumber of euro pallets
passenger car / caddy120 x 80 x 90350 kg1
sprinter < 3.5t330 x 130 x 1701150 kg4
plan sprinter > 3.5t400 x 200 x 2001100 kg8
truck 7.5 t600 x 240 x 2402400 kg15
truck 12 t700 x 240 x 2504800 kg16
truck 40 t1360 x 244 x 30024000 kg34

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Our smallest transport unit are caddies providing a net load of up to 350 kilograms, a volume of up to one cubic meter, pallet space and loading space of 120 x 80 x 90 centimeters.

You will find a larger variant at your disposal, a van or bus. It has a net load of up to 1.200 kg, a volume of up to 10 cubic meters, space for 4 to 5 pallets and loading space of 330 x 130 x 170 centimeters. This vehicle is also perfect for direct or express deliveries for larger consignments.

Do you need a spacious vehicle for automotive forwarding or your express delivery? Our vehicle fleet will provide different truck sizes for your needs. The smallest one is a 7.5-ton truck with a net load up to 2.400 kg, a volume up to 33 cubic meters, space for 10 to a max. of 15 pallets and loading space of 600 x 240 x 240 centimeters.

The 12-ton truck has a net load up to 4.800 kg, a volume up to 35 cubic meters, space for 10 to 17 pallets and loading space of 700 x 240 x 250 centimeters.

The 40-ton megatrailer truck has a net load up to 24.000 kg, carries a volume up to 100 cubic meters, has space for 34 pallets and loading space of 1360 x 244 x 300 centimeters and it is the largest truck at our fleet park.