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since 2002, ML-Express & Logisitcs GmbH has been a reliable all-round service provider in express and direct logistics matters, alongside with warehouse services.

To us, “express“ is not only a figure of speech, but our primary corporate philosophy. Due to the fact that the business owner runs the freight forwarding and logistics company, we set high quality standards and corporate goals for our business. Therefore, orders are filled punctual, quickly, transparent and uncomplicated at any time. For years, well-known automobile suppliers and OEM have been relying on the quality and the excellence of our services.

As we are experts for special transports, procurement and distribution logistics, transports of hazardous goods, alongside with on-board courier, our customers will receive the perfect solution for every logistical challenge - customer-orientated and at a fair price.

We are an experienced and reliable all-round logistics provider. It is our business to offer uncomplicated all-round carefree supply (round flow) from pick-up via intermediate warehousing respectively storage (just-in-time/just-in-sequece) with quality inspection to delivery, according to your solely judgement.

Our powerful fleet consists of vehicles in all categories - from caddy to trucks (mega trailer). Each of our vehicles is equipped with GPS technology. So that you will be able to track your freight at any point. Your personal dispatcher will have the login data for our online tracking system at your disposal.

A huge pool of our own, ADR-trained drivers and a broad network of reliable business partners enable maximum flexibility and your freight will be picked up at any time at any place in Europe within 60 minutes (small fleet) or rather 120 minutes (big fleet). Our fleet and our professional staff of drivers is being enhanced continuously.

We are constantly expanding. In August 2018 we opened our branch in Timisoara Romania. 2016 we purchased a Distribution-facility in Maintal-Hochstadt (Gewerbegebiet Mitte). Since August of 2016, it has been our representative registered office of our headquarters with plenty of space, five storage buildings providing additional possibilities.

Whilst our subsidiary in the city of Neutraubling serves the area around the Danube, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, our facility in the city of Creutzwald in Lorraine concentrates on destinations in France and southern Europe.

It is also our dedication to be aware of environmental issues along with sustainability. Being certified according to ISO 14001:2008 we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Our entire fleet is equipped with low-emission motors, at least according to Euro 6 standards and not one vehicle is older than 3 years. On top of that, routes are planned taking environmental issues into consideration and drivers are skilled to drive with environmental consciousness.

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Do you need an all-in-one worry-free-package including transport, storage and quality control of your goods without hidden costs? You would like to have a service provider who handles your complete transports from a single source? Please call us: +49 (0) 6181 4232 - 800.

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